Selected Poems

"Horse Story," DIALOGIST, forthcoming

"To the Murder Hornets I Want to Say,"
GASHER, Fall 2021


"Deer Park," The Ilanot Review, Ephermera(l) Issue, Fall 2021

"To the One Who Puts the Toe Tags on the Bodies," 3Elements Literary Review, Issue No. 31, Summer 2021

"It's Okay," Radar Poetry, Issue 30, June 2021


"Mutilated Is the Word," The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, June 2021

"Show Me the Ghosts," "The Missing," Mid-American Review, Volume XL, No. 2, 2020

"23 Horses," "On Not Holding My Horses, "We Thank the Veteran for His Service," Newtown Literary, Spring/Summer 2020

"The Fact of Things," Frontier Poetry, Fall 2019

"I Have Never Been a Horse," Gulf Stream, Issue 22, Spring 2019

"If I Could Give You Anything," Sky Island Journal, Issue 8, Spring 2019

"Of Ashes, Dirt," Italian Americana, Winter 2019

"Blood," "Unnamed," 2River View, Issue 21.1, Fall 2016